Kherub Angels 2nd anniversary small lottery giveaway

Just for future reference: When someone undocks there is a short 30 second invulnerability timer during which the ship can not be locked and is invulnerable. The second I change directions the timer is broken (or when the timer expires) so at that moment the ship becomes vulnerable and targetable again. You have to spam the lock target button on the selected item box to get a lock.

As I advised in the OP always keep safeties on green. I was between suspect timers when you shot me, was heading for a jetcan to take from it to become suspect again but you shot me before I’ve got there.

The chat channel as stated in the OP is “kherub angels” just like the corp name. It is a permanent public channel. You just have to open the channel list and type in the name without quotes and click join. A bit late but thought I clarify this as well.

Best would been if you’ve sent an EVEmail to the giveaway char (as I was signed in on that at the time) so even if can not answer right away I could send you a reply between undocks.

Sorry it didn’t go as well for you as it could and glad you still got some excitement out of it.

Edit: Sent you a mail in-game, as your loss does not show up on zkillboard once you link your lossmail in a reply EVEmail (ship and if lost implants then pod too) I will reimburse your loss in part or in whole.

Thanks for the kind offer to replace my loss, but I respectfully have to decline.

I did take your advice at heart not to fly anything I couldn’t afford to loose. So I did.
And I knew well I was playing with my life when setting to “red”. I just tried anything to shoot you, LOL.
And it worked in the end, I got a full 41 damage to your ship, so it was all worth it.

Last but not least: I already got something back from you: I won a prize!

Thanks for organizing this, it was a blast.

edit: OK, I figured I have to register with zkillboard to get the killmails uploaded automatically?
I did upload the kill mails now, but only for posterity’s sake :stuck_out_tongue:

Found the in game channel now as well. Apparently my partial search yesterday on “Kherub” wasn’t enough, yet the full “Kherub angels” got me in now. Thanks!

Official drawing results

The OP has been updated with the final and now official drawing results. After double checking (repeating the manual killmail processing) only a single entry proven to differ compared to the previously posted results, namely “#01, 2019.03.10, Vaguely Androgynous, Omber” now went two positions lower than before, every other entry in the previous update post proven to be accurate as is.

As stated in the updated OP I will send out a group mail to all the winners to inform them of the results and also start contacting them individually one after another to choose their prizes, which procedure will take a while.

Awarding procedure

The OP has been updated with:

  • The list of remaining rewards (so the currently contacted winner can make their selection based on that list) one section before the end of the OP

  • And also with a new sub-section titled “Reward selection and delivery process status” within the “★ Winners” section, where I openly keep track of the current status of the awarding procedure so everyone can see where we’re at at the moment (I try to keep it as up to date as possible).

Time to biomass. :frowning:

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Beyond halfway there

As of posting this, more than half of the winners have been contacted through EVEmail (14 of 27 meaning 13 are left afterwards) and of those 13 has already replied and their contracts are already up and 12 winners already accepted their prize contracts.

So things are progressing much faster than expected. Glad to see the winners are doing their best to respond in a timely fashion, which is most appreciated by both myself and the rest of the winners in the queue as well I assume so thanks and again congrats for winning!

Good riddance :smiling_imp:


Almost done

By now all 27 of the winners have been contacted one by one. As they haven’t replied for at least 5 days two of the winners have been skipped (after 5 days of waiting but still can reply any time) and one winner replied but did not choose rewards yet and as five days passed skipped to the next winner while can still reply and choose rewards as well.

This means as of now 24 of the 27 winners have chosen their rewards and all 24 of their reward contracts have been created, of which 23 have already accepted their contracts.

As earlier mentioned two have been skipped and haven’t replied yet while one replied but did not choose rewards yet so was skipped until do so. As not in a hurry I will wait some time to see if the skipped winners reply within a timely fashion (most probably a week or two).


Officially over

After waiting almost three weeks on top of the time while contacting and contracting to the other winners the two remaining winners still haven’t replied so it is safe to assume they are inactive and will not respond in a long while… if ever.

Thus the giveaway is officially over as of this moment.

All remaining rewards will be given away at a later date in a suitable giveaway. Remaining rewards will be listed in the OP for reference.

Uriel, thank you very much for my prizes, your efforts are much appreciated (my in-game alt won one).


Thanks for all you’ve done.

Fly safe o/


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