Khitomer Rising Inc. is Recruiting!

Seeking a new opportunity?

Khitomer Rising Inc. is looking for well-rounded pilots to join our corporation in null-sec!

We welcome established pilots, returning players, and yes, the not-so-experienced pilot ready to move to make the move to null-sec. Especially if you like Mining, PVP, and Ratting – you have come to the right place!

Join our recruitment channel and ask for the Khitomer Recruiter:

What We Offer

  • Earn a Living – Ore, ice, gas, and moon mining, ratting, exploration, Pochven, wormhole diving, and more
  • Have Some Fun – Fleet actions, home defense, structure bashing, roams, and camps are all led by experienced fleet commanders
  • Access to Structures – Corp and alliance owned, and many that are blue to us including access to stations with marketing hubs, manufacturing, research, invention, capital manufacturing, and more
  • Opportunities to mine in our area of high-sec
  • Easy routes to Jita that are not too far away
  • Jump freighter service
  • Buyback program
  • Fair tax rates
  • SRP


As an alliance, we are always ready to support the cause, whether it be a call to arms or helping a new member who just joined the alliance. We are fun to be around and have an active presence on Discord.

The only rules we have are the necessary ones for civility, fairness, uniformity, and consistency to ensure everyone has a good time.

About Us

  • We are a growing corporation with a well-established alliance and a coalition that has stood the test of time
  • Young adults to veteran players who enjoy the complexity of the game
  • Enjoy the long game while, yet, will stop everything to answer a challenge
  • We collaborate and help each other’s back wherever possible
  • Active players that always put RL first and everyone gets it
  • Most of our players live in North America, Europe, and Australia

What’s Next

That’s the easy part! Look up the Corp Khitomer Rising Inc. in game and apply to join today! To learn more, you’re invited to join our recruitment channel and ask for the Khitomer Recruiter!

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