Kicking Over Castles news discussion

Ah, cool stuff!

I’ve been splitting time between C3/C4 wormhole space and HS lately with occasional roams through LS/NS but mostly living in WH/HS, yeah.

When in HS, I mostly hang out in Domain/Tash-Murkon… but I do love Khanid and Kor-Azor as well (that nebula!). My 3 main toons are all Gallente but now all live in Amarr most of the time while in HS. Kinda funny that way. Good times, good times.

Kick over castles - majority of eve players will think of Goons and Delve - your new patches just do the opposite - cementing their advantages and granting to enhance the achievements.

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Id have to say though many like huge fleets CCP should probably be aiming to get players into more medium sized groups that arent in huge coalitions; the issue afterall is that when players are guided into joining up with the bigger groups they tend to lean towards to biggest, encouraging people to join the biggest group has issues.
Of course im more of a small gang PvPer (likely to remain so since the frogfleet nerf) so what i feel are issues are arguably not an issue for a krab but even null krabs like to buy ships and most if not all will want to use them in fleet fights?

I just reinforced 4 structures and 1 was in the timezone I wanted. did they change this again?