Know-Nothings a Gallente FW corp is recruiting

After Snuff Box desided to leave for 0,0 some of us desided that low sec, piracy and murder was still what we wanted, so we said screw it, and remade an old corp.
We started off amazingly well, so well in fact that we are now already part of Spaceship Bebop which grants us even more kills.
Some of us have been playing this game for well over 10 years now and have plenty of experience in both fc’ing as well as the other aspects of eve (not industrial stuff).
We also have a proper logistics chain up, so you will never have issues getting ships moved in when and if needed.

What we want are players with around 20m sp who doesnt take this game all to seriously, as we do roam for maximum fun, not just to get most kills with as little risk as possible.
So risk adverse ppl, this is not the corp for you.
You need of course to be able to use ts3 etc, all that common stuff.

Our public Channel is Know-Nothings pub or come on our public discord
And come talk to Red Kardia, myself or Idiotgarbage

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