KORNS is Recruiting - Tycoons who PVP

If you want your game to revolve around trade & PVP to support trade, Liberal Universalists wants you!

Liberal Universalists (KORNS) is a corporation founded to be committed to the expansion of free trade. Much groundwork has been laid. It is time to find my pro-economic allies and for us to catalyze the new era of trade in Eve.

Trade can cut down all of the work that we do. It is the natural future; efficiency is an unstoppable force. Most organizations default to isolationist and protectionist economics that in fact hurt their overall economic output. KORNS will break open the isolated markets through the force of economic efficiency until a trade superhighway connects one universal market.

I have been making considerable preparations for public moon mining events. Many ventures and cerbs will die. Good funs will be had. It will furthermore establish the deeply connected nature of this corporation, that there are many allies who only wish to participate in many aspects of the market, independent of timid, protectionist tendencies we have witnessed time and time again.

Moon mining is just one leg of the liberal agenda. Join KORNS Public to chat further (AU timezone presently).

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