Krab Miners - New PvP Wormhole Corp

Krab Miners is a wormhole group living in a C4 with a C2/C4 static.

We are a new corp but we are experienced PvPers looking for more to blow up more ships! Looking for new and experienced PvPers. We are willing to teach you PvP if you are new to it but have a desire to make beautiful spaceship explosions.

What we offer:
-New corp experience; be a part of something from the ground up
-PvP experience
-Text and voice comms
-Perfect planetary interaction system
-WH isk making opportunities
-Fun and friendly environment
-EU/USTZ primarily but looking for all

-Must know how to scan decently
-25 million skillpoints
-Omega account
-A desire to blow up internet spaceships

Our public channel:
Venture for Krabs

Our start on zKillboard

If interested, head to our discord and ping @recruiter in our landing channel to get started:

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Good dudes, glad to have met them

Cool guys, baited on a free heron.

Professionally mining krabs since 2020