🇺🇸 Krypted Gaming - Wormhole PvP Group

Nah, we’re not in the Thera area. Bombers Bar is just NPSI so anybody can join in their fleets.

Still recruiting!

These are decent guys.

like the title revamp bud. o7

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Well hello there!

Well, I got a taste of wormhole life, but before I was able to really experience what it was like, my current corp leader went totally bananas.

We had a WH and I had finally gotten permissions to come play, however, my corp leader started getting really sketchy and doing really random things like kicking members for no reason. Eventually, we all came to find out that this guy and his alts were CEOs of all branches of the corporation. So he’s a big fat liar.

Needless to say… I’m a little miffed and now trying to figure out what’s next. I didn’t get a chance to try anything and a WH corp still sounds appealing since most of my activity has been in high sec.

Gonna have to check out these videos when I get a sec regardless! And your logo is awesome. I too cannot play for 8 hours a day :rofl:

Hey Evin, would love to chat with you on Discord :slight_smile:

Stop by and ping @BearThatCares

The Krypted Gaming corporation will remove Evin Wingo without any reason. The Krypted Gaming corporation enrobes themselves with honour and respect.

Do you have a problem with these friends of mine? @Mr_LoneStarGTx76

Tasty eviction the other day, netted 60B of loot :slight_smile:

New video in edit.

Before I go on Discord, I figured I would check here. I read your requirements, I am a 105M SP returning character, but I don’t really want to dual box. I found it to be a chore to have more than one character.

I live -8 GMT so I am more active 02:30-6:00 during the week (but can’t do all weekdays) and I am fairly open on the weekends depending on real-life.

Is that something you guys would be interested in or, “nah, look elsewhere.”

We have some people that single box, really depends on what you bring to the table to offset it :slight_smile: Stop by for a chat

:thinking: whatchoo hiding Bear.

Always good people