[KVKI] [True Influence Alliance] Sansha's Nation Wants You!

Are you looking for a corporation steeped in the lore of EVE Online? A corporation that digs in its heels to fight side by side for what they believe in? That supports one and other as brothers and sisters in arms? That walks the dark paths of space, reveling in the dystopian nature of the setting?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Kuvakei Arms Inc. is for you! Operating out of the Stain region of null-sec, KVKI is a small corporation with grand ambitions for growth. We’re a roleplay-focused group with a discord channel available for members, looking to currently expand our Industrial & PvP sectors as we take our first steps as a new corporation. We stand with Sansha’s Nation, a group of True Slaves and True Citizens coming together with the intent of championing Master Kuvakei and his vision of a utopian New Eden cluster.

Though we are currently too small to be performing large operations, we are planning to establish the following:

  • PvP Roaming Fleets
  • Mining Fleets with Protective Overwatch
  • PvE Mission Fleets
  • Counter-Incursion Running PVP Fleets
  • SRP Program for Corp-Sanctioned Events
  • Structures in Stain to support Combat & Industry Initiatives

We operate during EUTZ/USTZ primarily, though welcome members from all TZs.

Recruitment is OPEN, so if you’re interested please apply below or reach out to Salador Vern in game to discuss your initiation into the ranks.

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