L2S 35.6mil SP Tengu/Covert Max Scanning Perfect Missle Covert Cyno

Skill Sheet

Perfect Tengu
Perfect Missle
Max Probing
Medium T2 Blasters
Covert Cyno
Cyber V

Pos Wallet
Pos Standing
No Killrights

Looking for offer of 32bil

18 bil



24 bil


Thank you for the offer I have set a price I am looking for in the main post,

back up thanks

bump v

bump w

26 bil

the offer of 26 bills made by Snoopyqube is always me contact me if you decide to accept

26.5 bil ready

no need or rush to sell so will wait for 35bil

the amount I can offer you is 30 bil immediately

if you can do 32bil ill let ya have her

price reduced to 32bil



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