La Guillotine - Mining/Industry corp recruiting


We’re always looking for new nerds (Read: friends) to enjoy New Eden with. We’re a relatively new corp that just went through a leadership transfer; We’re looking to expand our numbers.

We’re a pretty chill corp. We like to hang out and shoot the spit.

Can you only be on once a week? That’s fine by us.
Every day? Come run fleets!

We focus on mining and industry, but plan to tackle general PvE content such as homefronts and incursions as soon as we have the numbers and interest.

If you are into PvP, our low sec alliance supplies us with plenty of fleets to join, and we run our own small roams when the mood strikes.

Everyone is welcome. From new players to bitter old vets.

Come join us in game at “LAGT Public”!

Primary recruiter: Jack Aakiwa

Secondary: Aleksandr Mierlkov

Or go straight to me: Logen Kain

In game recruitment add follows:

Want to profit from folks flying (and losing) implements of mass destruction?

Join La Guillotine!

We are a Kador High Sec based industrial community.

We munch ores, build ships, and exploit the advantages of Kador.

What we offer:

Weekly Mining ops with Porpoise/Orca support
An alliance with our local lowsec pocket
Veteran guidance
Wormhole spelunking (Read: Gas harvesting)
Ice mining
Ore mining
Veteran experience
Fun times

Interested in PvP? Thanks to our alliance, we have access to the glories of low sec!

Regular fleet battles
Delicious gas
Safe(er) exploration
Common null sec connections via wormholes

Near Future:

High sec moon mining
Weekly Homefronts
Weekly salvage runs (missions)

Join La Guillotine today!

Players new to New Eden are /strongly/ encouraged to apply!

Vist our public channel “LAGT Public” today!