Large Abyssal Armor Repairer - High HP/Sec and Low Capacitor Usage!

Want to Auction: Large Abyssal Armor Repairer!

Positive Stats:

  • Activation Cost: 373.4 GJ (From 400 GJ)
  • Activation Duration: 14.28 seconds (from 15 seconds)
  • Armor Hitpoints Repaired: 1163.55 (from 1012)
  • CPU usage: 45.62 tf (from 46)

Negative Stats:

  • Powergrid Usage: 1981.48 MW (from 1980 MW)

Closest Module Comparison: Gotan’s Modified Large Armor Repairer (Officer Module)

Auction Information:
Starting Bid: 1 billion isk
Buyout Price: None
Location: Jita 4-4
Contract Seller: Clor en Distel (alt of Zero Vigilant)
Time of Contract: 2021.08.30 17:56 (Week long contract)

For additional information reach out to Zero Vigilant or NeonShivan#4868 on Discord.

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