Lasleinur remains broken

Wow. Been two days now and STILL not a respawn of belts after down time. It does not seem to matter if I get the last rock or the NPC’s get the last rock. Its broken. Broken off and on and to this day remains broken. I submitted a report on another character and I did not hear back. I waited and waited. I got sick of it and moved. I came on here and reported it. I came back later and there were some belts. Started in on them and lo and behold they failed to respawn. Again. Does CCP forget about the Metropolis area? Who knows. Is the team responsible for the area forget to check on things? Who knows. Ah well. Good job CCP.

Oh yeah. The solar system is the Lasleinur system in Metropolis. And surrounding areas. But in particular THAT system. Meah.

This means you have to move around more, looking for belts. Let’s ignore that you think it’s a bug. Considering what CCP is doing, it might as well be a stealth “feature”. Why is moving around a problem for you?

Maybe this is finally the first step in removing static belts. CCP can stop re-spawning for a few days or weeks, then suddenly ramp up the number of ore anomalies. Say next Tuesday.

I have moved around. Been doing it since I first started playing a few years ago. Who doesn’t move around?

This predates the recent belt nerfs. When I first noticed it, I decided to take to this forum, and also ask in some of the chats if anyone else ever saw it. There were enough positive answers for me to think that it was not a one off.

It did not seem to happen all the time, however it did occur for them as well.

I think its not an intended mechanic.

In fact, though I have never mined in any of the systems they tried out, there were a few reports that its not unique to just Lasleinur, though it appeared to be relegated to just a few pockets and not a wide spread thing.

I can honestly say that this one is the only one I’ve personally seen do it.

The last rock was mined, by either myself or an NPC. Downtime came and no respawn. I tried the next day and nothing. Tried a third and decided to move on.

That pocket is located in faction warfare space, so people are not going to be out in it everyday.

The locals are usually more interested in blowing up ships verses rocks. It does keep you on your toes.

Just putting it out there.

I think it is. These kinds of complaints aren’t new. They’ve sporadically came up over the last several months, if not even a year. I have little doubt that someone bug reported it already and that CCP would be considering this a significant bug, because of its effects on mineral prices.

You’ve waited three days before you’ve decided to move somewhere else?

There might always be someone else like you, who mines it before you get to see it. You’re not really giving away if you’re actually logging in right after downtime or not. All in all I can say that there are enough hints that suggest this is not a bug. Especially the fact that this has been a thing for a long time now suggests that it isn’t. Bug-report it and see what happens.

I hope this is an actual feature and not just a bug.

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