Let´s talk about it

My name is Jacuro,

I´m one of the people that started his EVE carreer years ago, i have nothing good to say about CCP and i love them.
I´ve had a longggg break where i only logged in and skilled my char i was always quiting and kept paying this amazing crap game.
Now, i´ve spend some time in my own corp, f**kit, left it to much responsability.
Joined another corp, an amazing alliance and cool people but not what i want atm.

So, what i am looking for:
PvP lowsec, 0.0, caps, roaming, no talking about industry (got my alts for that)

What i offer:
220mil + SP
I fly tons of ships, i will be able to fly ALL your doctrines from the start.
i´m an adult 45+ (like the SP close but still not there)
I have a big mouth and an opinion, can FC, and will be available for capital pings 24/7.

What i don´t want:
10 people corps and alliances that offer me nada but self entertainment (i have some links for that don´t want it ingame).

If you think you can deal with a 2004 char with a sh**ty attitude and a voice.
ping me ingame, and let´s talk about it.
(I speak german, English, Spanish, Dutch) so dont hesitate !!

Well, Idk if you are what we are looking for nor if we are what you are looking for but take a look.

Seems you like would be a good fit for us bro. We are a npc null-sec corp and the leadership of our alliance Sedition. JREX prides of itself of being total ass hats. So if you having a big mouth is more than welcomed. You got caps, thick skin, and wanna piss people off, while meming people to death. Come over bud and check us out. We have various doctrines because clicking f1 in a god damn HAC will put me to sleep. Come over and frag and watch the salt in local be glorious.


Sent u in game message too.

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