Lethal Injection Inc is recruiting combat pilots! πŸ’‰

We are Lethal Injection Inc. We do two things; we kill stuff and make combat boosters.

About Us
Lethal Injection Inc. (L-INJ) was formed by combination of the member corporations of the Hedonistic Imperative (RELAX) alliance: Es and Whizz and Dystopian Heaven.

We formed together with the goal of pursuing a more PVP-centered playstyle with PVP-focused alliances. In addition to this goal we wished to retain our Combat Booster production capabilities. Production is still active and Combat Boosters remain a large part of L-INJ’s culture.

The first alliance we joined was The-Culture, who was located Fountain. RELAX had grown up in the Pegasus constellation and were neighbors and friends of T-C. We learned a lot from this experience and enjoyed flying alongside Higher than Everest (P3AK), especially Harvey Skywarker and Raknor Bile.

After T-C disbanded we joined Triumvirate. We believed that TRI offered us the best opportunity to grow alongside like-minded pilots who pursued a playstyle that we admired. Since our acceptance into TRI we have participated in the eviction from Insmother, our exile to Curse, the reconquering of our home region culminating in the annihilation of XIX during the battle of C-LTXS, the war against Test alliance and it’s Legacy Allies and are currently fighting against local enemies skill.urself and Unspoken Alliance in Insmother.

What we offer:

  • Regular fleets of many varieties in multiple time zones (massive 1000+ man fights to small blops gangs)
  • Target rich environment
  • Excellent ISK opportunities (ask about our booster team!)
  • Experienced players to offer help and advice
  • SRP Logistics pilots make 100m on top of 100% SRP, yes thats right get paid to pvp in logi boats!
  • Laid back, real life first mentality. but we still get work done.

What we’re looking for:

  • Combat Pilots
  • Be able to fly our doctrines
  • Go-getters, guys who can take initiative and are willing to pull their weight
  • Those who have the SP but wish to learn are welcome as well.

Our Requirements

  • To behave in the spirit of the corp.
  • To be able to take initiative, if there is no fleet form one!
  • Respond to our CTAs and timers.
  • Combat Alt character (fax>dread>other)

Contact us:
In Game channel: narcotics
Apply Here

Great group of guys, been flying with them for ages. Drugs? Check. Murder? Check. Making large amounts of ISK? Check.

And you know what? Just looking at this post probably puts you on some sort of no-fly list anyway, so come drop by and shoot up some exile and pop a blue pill or two. Just stay away from crash, that stuff’ll get ya hooked.

We’ve grown into a better group than I could have ever hoped for, and these guys are by far some of the best folks in the game to be around. I pursue pvp in all its forms as best we can, and push each other to be better each time we go out. We do this by doing small gang, filling roles in Alliance fleets that others do not, and doing training on Sisi as folks want/need.

TL:DR hit us up we have good people and moe moe’s

Hey guys! we are still looking for new members, if you think you may meet our requirements hit me up in game or via discord. I

we are still alive, always looking for new members who meet our requirements!

still looking,

do you like capital ships? do you like using them?

Do you like blops?
do you like random roams with good buddies?
we are your corp

DO you like awesome propaganda?
what about crazy shenanigans?

Come check us out!

the word of the day is coeval, which is defined as:

of the same or equal age, antiquity, or duration

this has nothing to do with our recruitment being open for new pilots but at least you learned something

The word of the day is ingratiate which is defined as:
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perhaps you wish to ingratiate yourself with our corporation?

join our discord to find out how!

it has been a few days since i taught you something new…

the word of the day is Advert which is defined as:
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Come shoot many bad guys’ ships with us. avert melancholia!

The word of the day is Lenitive which is defined as:
alleviating pain or harshness : soothing

i am sure i could come up with a sentence for this word… but instead i would rather take my time to tell you more about my corp, hit me up!

The word of the day is Atone which is defined as:
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See you in space! join lethal injection inc today!

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the word of the day has nothing to do with the fact we are recruiting. but it is a good bump.

The Word of the Day is Luddite Which is defined as:
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Come check us out!

The word of the day is Crapulous which is defined as:
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we sometimes end up carpulous after our roams and corporation events, but not often.
we are still recruiting combat pilots!

Apparently my words of the day are not cool enough for you folks.
so we will go back to the bog standard, HEY LOOK WE ARE STILL RECRUITING posts!

Yup. we still like new folks, come talk to a recruiter (me) today!

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