[TRI] Lethal Injection Inc. recruiting combat pilots


We are Lethal Injection Inc. We do two things; we kill stuff and make combat boosters.

What we offer:

*Regular fleets of many varieties in multiple time zones

*Target rich environment

*Excellent ISK opportunities

*Experienced players to offer help and advice

*SRP (Logistics pilots make 100m on top of 100% SRP)

What we’re looking for:

*Combat Pilots

*Be able to fly our doctrines

*Go-getters, guys who can take initiative and are willing to pull their weight


*To behave in the spirit of the corp.

*To be able to take initiative to advance our organization.

*Respond to our CTAs and timers.



You must join in-game channel: Lethal Recruitment

Apply here


We shoot things normally lots of things


Great bunch of space nerds to fly with.


I was lost and wandering the new eden cluster without direction or cause

Lethal and the awesome pilots that make up the corporation give me reason to continue logging in.

Awesome bunch of dudes, and now that we are in Triumvirate, and have the chance to stick it to the DRF, my purpose has once again become focused like an amarian lazer!!!

Oh, and we need more AU TZ Pilots… so i will have a friend to play with :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re looking for an active corp and an environment that will push you to grow then Lethal is a great place to be. Understanding leadership and great corp mates is what our culture is comprised of which has helped us all grow together as well.



Lethal will be the DEATH of your boredom.
Everyone here will KILL you with kindness.
We frequently go on roams to MURDER people.
We all take joy in BLOWING UP other peoples ships/structures.
We love DRUGS, and make them in our backyard.

Oh… Now that I think of it, I’m probably on a list now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So here’s the thing about this corp. We are all adults. We have lives outside the game and everyone accepts that. There aren’t kids in comms saying dumb ■■■■ to be edgy. Most people here fly at a high skill level, and everyone does it without being rude or condescending to the few newer bros. It’s so rare to find a group like this. I’m glad I ended up here.


Most players of this game have had the experience of being told that joining a corporation and playing with others will improve the game. This is true.

However, this goofy game really shines when you find a group that you truly enjoy flying with, spending time in comms with and where pilots actively pursue goals together. Lethal has been that kind of group for me.


Great group of people dedicated to the cause!
One of the best experiences in my eve career, brought me to null and filled my pockets with isks!

Then it gave me a place to call home and great people to share it with!


If you really want to PvP, this is the place. I mean REALLY PvP. We do Small Gang, Small Fleets, Large Fleets, Blops, Capitals, and ‘Other’. No big blue donuts here, plenty of opportunity to fight and blow stuff up. find out what all those skill points are really for!


I’ve been flying with this group for a long time now. They are a stand-up group of people. The FCs are outstanding and content is never hard to find. The Corp is very social and tight knit.

If you’re looking for a good experience in null Lethal is the place to be.


Back after a break and enjoying [L INJ]. Great corp to pvp with, enjoying the versatility and ability to play with the big toys!


Playing since 2004. This is the coolest corp I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a member of. Great leadership, great FC’s , lots of shooty shooty and always just a big fat pile of crash on the coffee table

…but only for closers.


This is hands down best group of eve players I have encountered! Who take the time to actually teach, explain and answer questions about anything and everything… You want to be a better pilot? and learn from some of the best in game? Improve your PVP, make Amazing ISK, This is were you really want to be. Leadership is very awesome and corp/alliance is highly structured the right way, Content is non stop, there is always PVP happening all around us, very rich environment, all of us are highly active. I’ve been in Lethal now for quite some time, and love these guys! most amazing group of players i know, i’m glad to have meet and call my friends!.. Hopefully People that read this make the wise choice, see you in Corp!!! WE ARE A TEAM!!! WE ARE LETHAL!


Lethal Injection is going to be a flaming tanker load of blaster grade plasma delivered at 1 million km/s directly into your eyes while you pilot a retrofitted lamborghini-countach-come-Imperial-Navy-Slicer upside down, one leather fingerless glove clutching a moist voodoo doll of Jamyll Sarum the other dealing lead based death from overheating 800mm autocannons, the barrels cherry red from overuse, all the while high on strong exile, your brain drifting in pure reverie like the ferryman of hades, serene, calm and contemplating the deeper boundaries of the infinite human soul.



The best group of pilots I have flown with in 14 years of playing eve. Dedicated, mature, and above all else great at killing ■■■■.

If your wanting to get the most out of what eve has to offer you have found the right place.

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Still the best corp, still recruiting, now with new and improved art! https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8npkha/propaganda_lethal_injection_inc/