Leviathan with t2 rigs for sale in Maila

(Zaches) #1

Selling one Leviathan with 3x Capital Core Defense Field Extender II and fuel.
Located in Maila Keepstar, Freeport

(Zaches) #2

Still for sale

(Taraas Enko) #3

50 bil im aware its a low blow if you want rid contract it to me

(Zaches) #4

It’s at least a start but I would like a bit more, was thinking 62b starting price.

(Zaches) #5

Still for sale

(Zaches) #6


(Zaches) #7

still for sale

(Hammersmashed face) #8


(Zaches) #9

Thank you so much for the offer, I will consider it. Gonna keep going for a bit more.

(Zaches) #10

still for sale

(Zaches) #11

buyout is now 57b

(Zaches) #12

Levi sold to Jethro Kerensky.

(system) #13

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