LEXCORP Cybernetics (H-Sec PvE Corp)

There is nothing that sets our corp apart from every other one that is posted on here. Like all of them, we offer the same benefits as they do, with nothing extra. I could come up with some flowery speech about how “we buy ore back, we have facilities, we have great leadership”.

None of that matters though.

We are not looking for those hard core pilots that want to be told what to do and when to do it, otherwise they don’t have fun. That is not who we are. We are just a group of friends that want to have fun in Eve and accomplish individual goals, but accomplish them together. Maybe lend a helping hand, or some out-of-the-box thinking when trying to achieve a goal. Most importantly, we just want to sit back, laugh, and tell war stories of our time flying through the systems.

If you are on board so far, the below part is for you…

We harvest ore to manufacture ships, and we are getting our PI set up as we just formed. Once we finish getting everything in place though, we will be doing exploration and mission running when we want something to shoot back. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience between us, enough to answer any questions someone new to the profession might have.

We don’t care if you stay with us for one week or one year, fly how you want. This is your free time, not ours. Do what you want out in space. The only rule we have “NO DRAMA”. That is it, nothing else.

We speak English and only understand English. Our main timezone that we play in is considered the AU morning. Roughly between 22:00 - 10:00 Eve time. We might be on sporadically outside of those times, it is hard to say. If you are the “Lone Wolf” type, and play outside of those times, feel free to apply anyway. I just wanted to make sure any future applicants were not surprised if they saw no one on.

If you are looking for straight PvP, this probably isn’t the corp for you.

Drop by our channel for a chat: LEXCORP Pub
Contact a Recruiter: Alexander Joseph Luthor, Payy Dayy


Full API required
Discord Comms (not required, but that is what we use)

Basic understanding of how to play the game is necessary. If you do not know how to orbit, or warp to a fleet member, please don’t apply (questions about professions/fittings/mechanics are all fine, we don’t mind helping you gain a better understanding).

Hey I am coming back to the game after an extended break and looking for a corp to join. I am a miner/Indy pilot with research slots open to be used, manufacturing slots ready to be filled, and skills to start PI I just need to know what is needed. I like to feel useful and I want a reason to log in daily. Let me know if you think I could be a good fit.

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