LF a new home in Null (Sov holding US Time Zone) 100m SP PVP/Indy

I need a new home, parting from a group on really great terms.

Of course this is just an alt and once I find a home ill give them full API and all that .
Just sorting out the fire sale

I would love to find a new corp or alliance that has a real strong sense of community. A place where different games are played as well. Not asking for the perfect family but people that want to help each other out.

What I can offer is PVP experince as an FC and F1 scrub. I enjoy FC’ing small roams to 20-50 gang fights ( no one really loves the tidi war) I want to get back into doing those type of fleets where the battle really matters. Tired of the whole undock 300 supers and watch youtube because people are afraid to say jump.

Right now best way to reach me is in game.


still looking

hey @Border_Jumper,

Sorry I missed the first post it doesnt happen often. If you want to hear what i have to offer you can find me on discord.

We havent been afraid to use our supers lately and we run small corp ops too. You can also probably get your FC roles and start running small fleets.

My discord is rangerwolfy#4987 if you want to talk to me.

Cheers for the reply rangerwolfy but im going to have to pass but again thanks for the offer


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