LF Australia Mining Corp?

I’m an Orca pilot who plays around 00:00 to 2:00 server time. Actually from the US, but the time seems to line up with Australia?

I’d like to do mining ops.

hey mate sgu is allways looking for new members check us out join our discord

Hi Koweim

The Dog House is open for recruits and seeking Miners ,Ratters and PVPers
Our leader ship consists of a Aussie and two Kiwis
Though we have a mixed time zone Mix of members we are trying to recruit more in the AU time zone
we are located in The Vale of the Silent ,so its close to Jita

Hey there,
and welcome to nullsec :slight_smile:
if you want u can join watchmen.
they have alot of great austz corps and eu and usbut alot of aus.
u can register here for their discord if you want to http://keepstar.crypta.tech/
they have alot to offer to miners and orca pilots :wink:
hope to hear u soon as an alliance mate :slight_smile:

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