LF Caldari / Gallente Faction Warfare corp. Love ot solo roam but also want to fleet up. US EST TZ

80M combat subcap pilot, 67M support pilot. I have a cap pilot in training.

I really like the Cal / Gal locations as there’s lots of opportunity for pew.

ISK independent. Have working mic and use it.

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Welcome to join us! We are one of the largest Calmil FW corp/alliance! Having quite regular fleets. If you want to head over to our discord we can have a chat :slight_smile:

We have also cap fleets for certain aspects so even that is covered :slight_smile:

If you join discord, please head to the recruitment section and just highlight you come from forum and “Lambda Thyl” contacted you, so we know who you are!

Hi there syds

If you can consider an independent pvp group operating from venal please make sure to check our recruitment below.

With us you will have enough pew pew to feed your bloodthirst.

And by doing burner missions you can make some dank isk with the proper setup and standings of course.


Hey thanks for the reply!

I’d love to join your Discord and have some chats!

Can you PM me your Discord?

This is our discord.

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