NO BLUE DOUGHNUT - The morgue. - 100% Independent pvp alliance looking for similar minded corps and pilots

Our approach:

As an alliance our goals are to be more than an alliance, for us our ally is our house and we are a family and to have FUN. We play eve for what it is A GAME.

We are here to shoot things or die trying. NPC nullsec gives us the freedom to have a base no-one can take it away from us and allow us to create havoc to those who decides to visit our region. The alliance does not require people to structure bash or get involved in sov wars nor to be part of the blue doughnut. Many of us have been there and done that and have no intention of doing it again!

Being independent we make our own decisions and we answer to no-one which means you can say goodbye too

Blue doughnut warfare
Non-stop CTAs and Strat ops
Non-stop structure bashing
Anchor + F1 fleets
Doctrine requirements
Big fleet warfare


We are truly independent which means that everything that moves and appears on our overview it is a valid target. You just need to undock and you will find targets in our main staging system to kill. In other words no need to travel far to find an interceptor to kill.

I can’t get better than that. It is us against eve :slight_smile:

Our main pvp focus:

Blops (we tend to use Polarized bombers)
Cloaky camping (T3s and bombers)
Roams (Kitchen sink)


We are primarily an EU time zone alliance, but we are growing an us time zone wing. Our goal is both being equal strong.

Area of operations:

We operate in Venal (null npc) as an independent alliance with our own structures and of course npc stations.

Our ideal pilots:

PvP Regularly (no hard minimums however)
Be able to fly if possible any of the ships we normally use.
Interact in a fun, social and amicable Way
Enjoys the challenges of NPC nullsec.
Get for free a guristas clothing set

Pvp opportunities:

Being truly independent means we are free to do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want.

And we have enough targets to feed our hunger for blood.

Pve opportunities:

To fund your pvp needs you can make 500m/hr doing lvl4 guristas missions(Burners), but you are free to make your isk the best way you see fit.

We are not your parents to tell you what/how you should do things in eve.


We got an excellent logistic group that help us moving our assets from Jita <—> venal (both ways)

Our diplomats:

If you are interested in speak about diplomacy please speak with the pilots below



Join our discord below if you are interested in knowing us better

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up to the top we go

One small little fight where one of our corp members started to fight on his own using his alts and we stepped in when they brought more people to the field. Once we landed we leveled the fight and clear the grid from targets.

We went to delve through a local wormhole together with our friends from D-sync and got a nice little roam/camp.

After 1hour we had to pull out due to blob warfare where to strong for us and it was quite late for most of us.

so we decided to go back while we where on top with no losses.

We are still looking for new family members

Decided to go with bombers to 4-h to hunt some FRT

we did quite good until they started to come with ships we could not hold grid so we just decided to bug off. In the process we lost one of our tackle :frowning:

we are still open for new family members

We are still looking for pilots that likes blops and cloaky camping

Top kill of the day

Another one hit the dust

Still looking to add to our ranks.

Had a short camp last night a few of us. We had some kills but for most part system was more calm than normal.

but everything sums up.

we manage to lose one of our bubbles but no big deal, its already replaced :slight_smile:

we are still looking for new members to be part of our family.

if you can fly polarized bomber it is a BIG plus

Bump to the top

Got dropped by some cheap opponents eventually, but enjoyable carnage this afternoon for the Morgue. The more the merrier- get in touch if you fancy no CTAs, structure warfare or blue doughnuts. If its flying in Venal, its probably a valid target…

If we are lucky you will see more of this

We are still open for new family members

Help us control H-pa29 from outsiders.

Help us reach out goal to control the systems within the red circle

We are still open for new family members.

For this vid our guys had to call some friends within Init that could bring the numbers they needed to break the rorq.

That’s the good side from being active since 2004, we got “friends” all over eve:)

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