Returning player looking for WH or LS

Hi there,
returning player with 3 toons all trained in different aspects of the game.
looking for low class wh or LS for content.
eutz small gang or bigger for pvp.
I dont get to play alot as work and rl come first.
send me an ingame mail please if not ill keep logging back here to check

thanks all o/

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Sent you an in-game message about the corp i am in. C4 with a C4/C5 static, so alwase have a hs exit.

Hello Pedrena,

Holy Hunters is a corporation that I’m in at the moment where we live in a c4 with c3/c4 which allows great content and good solo ISK making.

We like to take fights when being outnumbered as we focus on PvP, we like to find content as a group with scanning or ragerolling because we are looking for the right mindset and attitude.

The corp’s goal is to grow to a decent size which will allow us to take any fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions.

If that sounds interesting and you play pretty late as a EU pilot as we’re all EAST and we play between 2000 to 0300, here is a discord invitation to discuss this further. Holy Hunters

Hi there m8

i know you are looking for wh and ls but can you consider a independent pvp group operating from venal and play just for fun and avoid all the bullshait.

if you want to know more just check us out below


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