Lunar Legion | PvP without Sov

That’s right, Lunar Legion. is back from the dead! And we’re looking for active PvP’ers to join us!

What we offer-

  • No permanent blues! And freedom from null politics!
  • Tight knit group that helps each other
  • No SOV timers! We have no sov and no plans to own any, anytime soon.
  • Regular PvP fleets, with integrated NPSI


  • Must have a active Killboard, inactives shall be purged
  • Full ESI’s
  • USTZ as most active time zone
  • Must be able to fly nano cruisers, and able or willing to train into doctrine ships as well. This is not a corp for F1 monkeys, must be able to think for yourself.
  • At least 2 active Omega accounts, must join on your main.
  • A sense of humor - We are super laid back and meme A LOT as such those who join must be able to take a joke.
  • Working mic - duh so ya can meme with us!

Come join us today! Join our in-game channel LL… Recruitment or our discord

Hi there

If you ever get interested in joining an alliance please let me know.

Your corp is a perfect match for us and you would be a perfect fit since we are trying to grow in US timezone.

Other than that what you are doing is exactly what we are doing under our own flag.

Please make sure to read our recruitment post below so you get an idea of who we are.


Thank you for the offer, but we’re already part of Total Eclipse. o7

Well if you ever change your mind.

Let me know


Do you like frigate v frigate fights?! Join Lunar Legion!

In Lunar Legion, we believe in frigate superiority!

Nano gangs are also our jam

bump, join LL

Are you sick of Ti-DI? Are tired of being told to anchor up and press F1? Join Lunar Legion. to break free of the monotony!


Join for the memes, stay for the comradery!

We had some fun flying with Spectre Fleet yesterday, some of our newer members even got to see titans when Init decided to drop on us XD

More fun with Spectre Fleet!

Looking for some capsuleers who want to build something great together and have some fun with.

In Lunar Legion. player ran events are a big deal, but none is dearer to our hearts than the Luminaire Snowball Fight. Join us this year for some holiday cheer and presents! :heart: :gift:

Wanna fly cheap or hell even free ships? Join Lunar Legion!

Piplup wants more friends to join Lunar Legion.


Merry EVE-Mas from Lunar Legion.!

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