Lunar Legion. | Be the Hero! (alpha/new player-friendly)

Have you ever noticed Eve is mostly ‘bad guys’? Tired of being hunted and killed because you flew into the wrong system?

We do things differently!

Lunar Legion believes in a more civilized way of playing in the sandbox.

We do not shoot on sight. We guard the hallowed ‘Not Red, Don’t Shoot’ (NRDS) way of life. You are considered a friend, unless you attack us.

As a NRDS community, we defend a capsuleer’s right to travel space freely and without threat.

However, cross us and our allies, and you will be hunted down!

If you like to protect the innocent, support new players and want to grow in a close and supportive community then we are for you.

We’re currently taking a short vacation in low-sec, and are planning to return to null-sec soon.

What we offer:

  • A friendly and welcoming way to learn and play

  • A true NRDS Alliance

  • Fun, community and family in a dangerous realm of space pixels

  • Guides and tutorials

  • Fleet combat from small gang to large-scale engagement

How do we support you?

  • Training classes to help you learn to make the most of Eve

  • Regular training fleets to help you pilot you ships

  • Free ships and skill books

  • A strong and supportive community of pilots around you

What we’re looking for?

  • Active players across all time zones

  • Active participation in fleets and training

  • Active in Discord (and fleet coms)

  • Working microphone/speakers

  • A willingness to help anyone and everyone

  • A desire to learn and improve

Want to be a hero? Join our Discord!

Come check out one of the last NRDS newbro corps!

Great change is in the air, join us today to be a part of that change!

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Bump looking for newbros and returning vets

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Get your new start with us!

A new Elysium is upon the horizon, join us to be a part of it!

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Come be a part of something Great in the Wildlands!

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