Lunar Legion. | Be the Hero (alpha/new player-friendly)

Have you ever wondered why, in Eve Online, you’re straight-up encouraged to be the bad guy? Think about it: you see a guy pop up on your overview who’s never done anything to you; what do you do? You shoot him, of course.

Or maybe you don’t? Maybe you think there’s more to New Eden than mindless aggression? Maybe you want to be the hero?

In Providence, we do exactly that. Neutrals are welcomed to our region to go about their business: to kill pirates, to mine minerals, to produce and to refine, and to take part in hunting hostile players, of course. This is called the NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) rules of engagement, and Providence is the last remaining region to enforce these rules of engagement in New Eden.

So, what can we offer you?

  • A warm, welcoming community in the upstart Total Eclipse. alliance and a home in the nullsec region of Providence;
  • Free ships for ratting, mining, exploration, and PvP;
  • Free skillbooks to get you started;
  • A wealth of knowledge & information to help you overcome EVE’s notorious learning curve;
  • Good ratting, mining, exploration, and manufacturing space in Providence as well as a comprehensive buyback programme;
  • Plenty of opportunities to get involved in PvP.

We welcome casual and newer players, including alpha clones, as well as more experienced players looking to try something new. We have no CTAs, no activity requirements, and no SP minimums because we believe that everyone has a part to play in our home region.

All we ask for is your full ESI keys so that we can make sure you’re not an obvious spy, that you follow the rules of NRDS in Providence and Amarr lowsec, and that you join our Discord server so that we can help you as much as possible!

We look forward to having you in the Legion, capsuleer!

Discord -

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Guess who’s recruiting?

Dred- I mean, Lunar Legion are!

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