Returning player looking for home (mainly PvE)

I’m a laid back guy in his late 30’s (sigh…) with a 45m toon, looking for a mature corp to call home after 9 years away from the game. Things sure have changed while I was gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

My main interest is in the PVE side of things, nullsec/wormhole exploration, incursions, possibly industry etc. I’m still getting my head around all that’s new now tbh. Before I was also involved in the corp standings business (no longer a thing I gather), if you were curious about my rather lengthy corp history.

I don’t mind getting involved in PVP either, but having impaired hearing/speech I’ve never been good with voice chat, which I realize is often a necessity with PVP. I can listen in to orders OK though. I would prefer a corp where most of the social interaction took place on in-game channels however.

I’m in the UK but often play late, so for group activities other members in either Europe or East Coast US would be fine. Nullsec or empire, I’m pretty open at this stage. It will take me a while to get the hang of things again but I look forward to learning and contributing to a new corp.

If you have any questions feel free to poke me in-game.

Welcome back William
we might be what your looking for.

hope to speak to you.


Bump. Still looking. Thanks to those who have mailed me in-game so far.

Hey! My Corp might be a good fit, most our discussion is on Discord. And we have a lot of PVE with the occasional PVP mixed in but Provi is pretty good about working with people. Our Alliance Total Eclipse is based in Providence where we are NRDS.

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