Returning to the game

Hey all… I’m returning to the game after being gone since 2017. Getting use to the controls again.

First off… I don’t want PvP. Getting war dec’d is different… I can survive those, but I’m generally not a PvP person.

I like mission running, exploring, mining ops and doing PI. I’m a mature player (51 years old) and like to relax after a hard days work and the kids have gone to bed.

I’m located primarily in Aphend, which is near Amarr. I don’t particularly want to move. I’ve done that too many times in the past with other corps and seemingly right after moving to my new corps home, they whither away and die.

I like being helpful to the corp in other ways.

I donate 10% of my mining minerals and PI to the corp. PI creates mostly fuel items (Oxygen, uranium, coolant, robotics.)

The remainder I’ll sell to the corp for a 5% discount off the current lowest cost in the Amarr hub. The only catch is, if I sell them to the corp, I create a contract for them to be picked up in person at Amarr. I don’t own a freighter yet and my biggest hauler is a Bustard. I’ll make weekly deliveries. I will deliver elsewhere if not too far away. I’ll only take my Bustard through High Sec space unless I’m guarded.

So, if you’re interested in this old pilot in the Amarr area, look me up.

Faithful Silence


Hey Faithful,

You might fit in well with Lunar Legion, we’re based quite near to Amarr, in the nullsec region of Providence. I know you said you’re not looking to move, but hopefully the close proximity coupled with the fact that our coalition has been around since 2004 and isn’t likely to wither and die any time soon might make it more appealing.

We’re in Sansha space so we have the best exploration sites in the game, we have regular mining ops (particularly ice mining), and we have nullsec PI. We do regular jump freighter runs to / from the Amarr trade hub so if you wanted to move anything either way it’d be very doable.

We do a little PvP but it’s largely optional (obviously this is Eve so you can end up in unwanted PvP from time to time). We offer 100% of the Jita buy price on all minerals, ice, and PI so you’ll always be able to sell your yield.


We are primarily located 8 jumps away from Aphend. I am actively recruiting every day to add more players to both our high sec operation side and the null sec operation side. I personally have 2 freighter pilots that help move any assets for free across empire space only.

We have grown from one active member (me) to 11 active members in a couple of weeks in high sec. The null sec. corp has about 30 active members. Our primary goal is to have fun and enjoy the game.

We do not require donations, in fact I encourage our members to use our buy back program which pays 5% under jita buy rates.

Please let me know in game with a PM to William Annagess or join .RA Recruitment channel.

Thank you

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