Looking for an alliance or indy corp in amarr space

I have recently been part of a WH eviction and am back in hi sec. I have made my own corp for my main plus indy alts for ease of resource sharing and am looking for an alliance in the Amarr area to join.

I miss the social aspect of being in a corp but need the availablilty of a central storage unit for my indy - so if in a corp - could use a secure container in a production facility.

I mine, run anoms, lvl4’s, can pvp and do explo/blue loot runs into WH’s

anyone interested in giving me a home?
ign: Sonoros Rahl

Hey Sonoros

I wont waste too much of your time here, as i see you want to be in Amarr space, and we are closer to Rens than Amarr. However, I feel Celestial Precision could be a great fit for you if your preference on location changes. We are fast growing, super relaxed, and all of us just want to enjoy playing eve and mining rocks.

If you decide to give us a shot, shoot me a mail in game with any questions you may have my dude.


Hey Sonoros,

Would Holy Providence be considered Amarr space? If so, Lunar Legion could be a good fit for you. We’re a social group, we have all the major industrial and refining facilities, and we’d love to bring you out here to nullsec to be a part of it all!

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