Amarr based industrialist looking for like minded corp

Been playing since 2009. Did null sec, didn’t really get into the PVP aspects. I’ve spent a few years doing PVE and mining on my own. Got recruited to a new corp recently and the first few days were fun, people to fly and chat with, new players asking lots of questions and coming along with me to make some good iskies. But, then those folks evaporated and almost everyone is down deep in a WH area that I’m not all that interested in going into.

I operate near to Amarr (Domain).

I do twitch streaming and have a EvE for busy people tutorial set on YouTube and planning on doing more.

Any suggestions or corps generally active in that area that wouldn’t mind a friendly neighborhood carebear?

@Ven_Umbra come join our indy guys in Tash-Murkon. You can do chill highsec mining or dip your toe into lowsec.

Follow this discord link, and come say hello

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