Any Amarr low/null/WH corps looking for an indy guy?

65 million sp main with 13 million(ish) skillpoints in the other two slots for the account.
It would be great to find something small gang with older players who have interests outside of EVE. Thick skins and no drama.

Sov or wormhole infrastructure would be a huge plus.

I am really, really not looking to relocate outside of Amarr or the Ammatar Mandate side of the map.

On a personal level, I just got into school full time and I am in a position to devote some regular hours to someone’s industrial supply chain while I take notes and listen to lecture. I’m skilled to mine, refine, produce, scout, haul etc.

Anyway, feel free to shoot me a message if this sounds up your alley.

I sent you an in game message! Enjoy!

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