Amarr space based corp, Sacrificial -n- Cold Fear

Hello there.

We are a corp that have settled down in Amarr space, and we are curerntly looking for more pilots to join our ranks. We are a good mix of EU and US timezone players so there is always someone around.
We do almost everything that eve have to offer, and have experienced pilots that are willing to teach you what we know.
Some of the fields we operate in is:
¤ Null sec space
¤ Mining and production
¤ Mission running
¤ Pve and Exploration
¤ PI
¤ Incursions
¤ Conduits and abyssals

We are a part of an alliance that have multiple stations and moon mining. We have multiple orcas in corp that are willing to boost others. There is also a good load of corp blueprints avalible for corp members to use. The corp is not war eligible so you dont need to be worried about getting wardecced and use time spinning ships in a station.
The leadership is veteran players that have been around since early time in eve.

We use discord.

What we looking for is pretty much all types of pilots as there is room for all kind of gameplay with us.
There will also be posisions for the pilots willing to step up.

So if you are old or new in the game and looking for a nice place to settle down and enjoy the game how you want just drop me a comment here or contact me ingame for a chat.
We also have a channel ingame called SnCF Public you can join just to hang around if you like, good way to get to know us.

Hope to see you around.

still room for many more

We have cookies, sorry no cake tho.

We are a fun group of players.

Based in a nice playground… especially for newer or returning pilots;)

Be a name. Not a number

I don’t think it’s working :slight_smile:

Maybe we do need to actually bake some cake ? :thinking:

Im new there, but so far so good.
Wery friendly

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growing each day. room for more :smiley:

Guess what peeps ?

We moved to PROVI !
With the Rogue Consort’ mates !

And we’re still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are still open. Come join the fun

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