New Pilot looking for a friendly corp US East coast time

Very new to the game and still learning how things work. Would like to find a nice friendly and mature corp to make new friends and have fun. Not much into PVP

Hey, I’m apart of a small but growing Corp looking for more pilots. We can teach pvp and help with any questions you may have about eve… we also do scouting runs as well as mining ops.

If interested msg me in game


Sounds like you’d be a great fit for The Pirisians! We are a highsec/lowsec Corp with an industry/pve focus. However currently we are part of a large alliance with access to much more content. We are wardec immune and willing to take on players at any level! Close proximity to a major trade hub so selling/buying is no issue. Send me a message in game, I’d love to tell you more about us!

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Hey! If you’re new we can get you started with mining and mission running no problem! We have a focus on moon mining and ice mining. We also have access to multiple lvl 4 mission agents as well. Close to trade hub and located in hi-sec.

We’d love to have you

Hey, my corp is small and very close knit. We are part of an Alliance where everyone helps each other out. And we all work towards making the space we live in better, as well as improving ourselves as players. Come check us out!

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