Lunar Legion. - Lunar light of Amarr! (EU/US TZ, Amarr FW)

Who we are:

Lunar Legion. is a tightly-knit Newbro-Oriented PvP corporation involved with Amarr Faction Warfare in the Bleak Lands. We are also a part of the Red Alert Coalition, which supports access to Null-sec and Wormhole content. We’re eager to support fledgling pilots in earning their wings, and are happy to assist with ships, skillbooks, and general guidance towards becoming a capable PvP pilot. We also realize real life comes before the game, so don’t worry about meeting quotas, just be an active member and we’re happy to have you.

What we offer you:

  • New player guidance and assistance - ships and skillbooks
  • Daily PVP content (strategic operation fleets, faction warfare plexing, nullsec roams)
  • Guidance for PVP content and PVE money making
  • Close access to Amarr’s Trade Hub (8 jumps from our staging)
  • Easy to fly doctrines means you’ll quickly have a core fleet role
  • C3-NS wormhole for PI, krabbing, and content rolling.
Our expectations are fairly light:
  • Main accounts required. We are not an alt corp.
  • Working microphone for Discord/Teamspeak
  • Positive standings with Amarr

More info:

Our zKillboard: Lunar Legion.

In-game recruitment channel: LL… Recruitment

Discord: Lunar Legion

EVE Mail: Silver Adara or Flagg Umber

Omega players might want to check out our sister corp - The Eternal Crusade.

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Returned to the game after 12 years away and these guys (and girls) have been great. I’m hooked on this game all over again.

They’ve been incredibly patient with my (secretly old) newbro questions.

Active on Discord and in game so always someone to talk to and to help you out. Hopefully see you in corp soon!

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