23M SP New Player looking for Larger NullSec Corp

Hello players, I’m 55 in RL and I’m enjoying the game. I’m not a twitch type of player, but wouldn’t mind at all losing ships to defend the base, etc.

I’ve been playing the PVE game and even added some accounts for my kids (who haven’t played, so I was multi-boxing). I find I like just playing the one character, to focus on the fun.

I’m a bit bored with the HighSec play style, going back and forth with standings, etc. and would like to join a larger (over 100 players) NullSec corp that allows solo PVE stuff and helps a bit with the PVP game. I’ve fleeted my own alts, but haven’t played with an FC before, so I’ll likely do something wrong.

I like to contribute to the group, so if you’re looking for a USA (California) based time zone player who’s skill tree looks like a child with ADHD, then perhaps I’m a good fit. I can fly an ORCA, or T2/T3 Cruisers, Frigates.

Best wishes



I think you’d have a lot of fun with Lunar Legion out here in Providence. They’re our more casual & PvE-focused sister corp in Total Eclipse, a small but growing sov holding alliance. You’d have access to plenty of solo and fleet PvE content – ratting, mining, ice harvesting and plenty of moons – as well as regular strategic and fun fleet ops. We’re about 50/50 EU/US split, so you’ll always have people around in your timezone to play with.

We’re a part of Provi-bloc which has about 5000 players across the coalition, so the corp might be smallish (about 70 characters) but the coalition is very active.

We’re very much looking for people like you who are group-minded and want to contribute to the success of the alliance, and we think you’ll find LL/TE a great place to grow as a player and learn new areas of the game. I look forward to seeing you on Discord!

Found a corp, please close thread.


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