Katothen. | Your light is fading... (EU/US small gang PvP)

About Katothen.

Katothen. is a member of the Total Eclipse. alliance, in the Red Alert Coalition, based in Great Wildlands. We’re an EU/US timezone PvP corp focused on small-to-medium gang combat, the pursuit of excellence, and opportunistic blops/capital hotdrops.

We’re looking to add a few more active & engaged PvPers to our corp who are interested in creating & taking part in this type of content. We don’t have “line members”, all Katothen. members are expected to be engaged in creating content & making things happen. We aren’t for everyone, but we might be for you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Active comms & multiple fleets a day, mostly focusing on small-to-medium gang PvP.
  • Our no line members philosophy means everyone can run fleets, design doctrines, and have an input into what we do from day one.
  • Membership of Red Alert means we have the benefits of a coalition – fleets, shared objectives, and common defense – without being part of the blue doughnut.
  • Great Wildlands base offers the benefits of nullsec – great moons, pirate missions, and high-end ores – without the drawbacks of sov.
  • Very few blues so we’re roamer & NPSI-friendly.
  • No mandatory PvE because we have no sov/ADMs, but we have moons & mission runners if you need help making ISK.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Must have an Omega subscription and at least 10 kills in the last 30 days.
  • Must be self-sufficient, outside of strat ops (which are rare) we don’t SRP anything, so you’ll be expected to fund your own PvP.
  • Must be active, we expect people to join at least one fleet per week, ideally more.
  • Must be willing to follow NRDS in Great Wildlands & Molden Heath, we are NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) at home, this protects our income so we can do the things we love; you are free to shoot all non-blues everywhere else.
  • Must be willing to provide ESI keys for all alts, even out of corp alts, banker alts, PI alts, SP farm alts, etc. No exceptions.

If you’re interested in what we do but don’t yet meet our requirements, check out Lunar Legion, our sister corp.

Information & Contacts

zKillboard // https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98605157/
Public Discord // https://discord.gg/6ryx4tw
In-Game Channel // Join Katothen.
Apply // https://forum.katothen.com/viewforum.php?f=48

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Up to the top. Do you like smashing Snuffed Out Fortizars? We do too!

Had a little roam last night around the warzone. Come join our next one.

giphy (9)

Guess what: we’re still recruiting!

Aaaand up!

We took part in an 800b fight yesterday in lowsec, what did you do? Sign up today and you’ll be there for the hull timer.

We killed a Snuff fort yesterday and survived a coup today. What did you do?

Still recruiting!

Goodbye Provi, it was a wild ride! On to the next adventure, in the Wildlands! Will you be there with us?

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Bump !

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We were bored after an uneventful roam and decided to do some cleanup of the local area.


Those who like to fly with Pokey Nipples - fly with us!


With the anchoring of our Fortizar, our coalition is no longer stuck in purgatory. All of our members who stuck with us through the hard times have been awarded this medal as a sign of our gratitude.

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Learn the way of the warrior. Join Katothen. today!

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Still looking for a few good men (or women!)

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Still recruiting!

We got some good fights today ; https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98605157/

Come join us and have fun ! :slight_smile:

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After a couple of months, we’re reopening recruitment and looking for more PvPers!

Back up with reduced requirements. It’s time to Make Katothen Great Again.

Had a fun brawl yesterday!