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About Katothen

Our mission is simple: reduce enemy ships to rubble and leave a trail of destruction in our wake.

In the age of the blue doughnut, Katothen shuns the blob. Our alliance, Total Eclipse, holds sovereignty in a couple of systems so we do get involved in fleet brawls, but our primary activity is engaging in small gang (3-8) and small fleet (10-20) combat, whether for strategic gain or for fun.

We do like to use our big toys, especially to destroy other peoples’ big toys, but our preferred gameplay is smaller scale engagements where better piloting decides the winner. We’re not looking to balloon into a massive corp, we’re looking for a few more pilots with the right mentality to join up and get in on the action.

We’re a proud member of Provi-bloc, and though our alliance are the black sheep of the family (NBSI outside Providence), we do what we can to help our coalition and protect our space. A lot of us were initially apprehensive about NRDS but there’s been more than enough content in our home region, and the fact that it lets us keep a short blue list and hold sov is more than we could get in any NBSI coalition.

Our ideal candidate

  • You’re not afraid to lose ships in the name of getting great content, and you’re self-sufficient enough to replace your non-strategic losses;
  • You can fly a stealth bomber and an interceptor;
  • You’re actively playing the game – everyone from the CEO down is expected to get 30+ kills a month, attend fleets, and actively engage on TeamSpeak/Discord/the forums on a regular basis;
  • You don’t have to have the greenest killboard, we’re more interested in evidence that you’re active in PvP than a super-refined record;
  • You’re willing to follow the NRDS rules within Providence & Domain (you can shoot neutrals everywhere else).

You don’t need a super-green killboard or a hundred million SP to join us. We look for cultural fit & a high level of PvP activity above all else. If you’re active, keen to shoot ■■■■, and social enough to get involved on comms & the forums, you’ll probably be a great fit.

What do we offer?

  • A laser focus on content, we have a stacked schedule every week with fleets in all timezones as well as regular ad hoc & unannounced fleets;
  • No artificial barriers or hoops to jump through. You can ping fleets, create doctrines, and engage in experience-shaping discussions from day one;
  • Plenty of learning opportunities. We have people with a variety of backgrounds and a wealth of experience, so chances are if you have a question about Eve, we can answer it;
  • ISK-making in our sovereign space in nullsec. Whether you explore, mine, run Havens or build supercaps, we have you covered.
  • The best community in Eve: we have active forums, people on comms throughout our active timezones, a highly active Discord server, and genuinely awesome people;
  • The ambition to do something different – whilst other corps are coalescing around the three megablobs and setting up for everyday krabbing, we’re based in Providence for the huge amount of content at home and lean blue list.

How to apply…

All applications are via our forum – instructions in the thread. If you want to hang out and get to know us first, join our recruitment Discord and chat in #general. Alternatively, our in-game channel is Join Katothen. (with the period).

We’re highly active, so you’ll probably get a reply to your forum thread within a couple of hours during our active timezones (EU/US).

Interested but don’t meet our requirements?

Join Lunar Legion’s Discord, they’re a newbro-friendly corp in our alliance with programmes designed to get you ready to fly with us.



Join the meat grinder!

Quick question: how do you do NPSI as a part of provibloc?

You deploy away most of the time, and have all your blues in a single region that no one wants to whale in. If you check our kb we’ve been active in NPSI whaling fleets including DPCI, Bombers’ Bar, flying with Fwaming Dwagons (and further back, Spectre Fleet).

Thanks for the free bump. :smiley:

Free bumps?

Yeah I should join those fleets more often aswell.

I always say I’m going to do more NPSI, unfortunately it seems to stand for the Neverending Process of Ship Imports these days.

LF more JF pilots btw.

Lots of deployment prep going on, but we still found time for a brawl!

Got the supers out again.

Come join us, deployment ops are imminent.

Bumpity uppity!

So much to do for this deployment! About 250 ships fitted and another 150 to fit!

Last night definitely wasn’t our finest hour, being on the receiving end of a big Panfam blob. Through some miracle (and a lot of TiDi), we managed to secure the objective – a crucial sov timer.

Bumpity uppity!

And up!

Come join us!

Cyno in and join us, capsuleer!

Got a content-packed week coming up, looking for a few more good people!

Went out on a nano roam tonight, got blobbed pretty hard at the end but it was good fun!

Had a good brawl with TAPI Phantasms:

Then went out on a roam, Catch was dead but we got an Astero:

Have you ever seen a brawl this even? This is the kind of content we love:

Also had a bit of a less fair fight – alliance only this time, sorry about the Curse guys, we were formed up to save an Orca:

More content today (and pretty much every day). If this kind of small-to-medium scale brawling is your jam, hit us up!

Sometimes traitors need to get dunked:

Come chat to us if you agree.