75M SP Subcap and Dread capable pilot looking for corp

I think we might have exactly what you’re looking for in Katothen. We’re a small to medium gang corp in a small alliance in sov null. We hold a couple of systems which you can rat/mine in for ISK, but as the war in our region is heating up we’re doing more ISK making outside our own space (incursions and the like) and just ratting/mining for ADMs.

We don’t belong to one of the big three coalitions, so you won’t have 15 regions of blues. We mostly engage in sub-400 man fights in the war zone so getting to use dreads and carriers without TiDi is a pretty common occurrence.

Outside of the war/strat ops, we have constant home defense (and actual roaming gangs to fight), we like to roam, we like to camp, and we’re building the capability to do more small scale capital stuff.

If you’ve never considered life in Providence, now’s the best time to jump in.