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Got into two capital skirmishes yesterday. GFs to RC & all involved.

Honorable Third Party tried to anchor a Fortizar without asking for permission:

We snuck out a fleet (I say ‘we’, I was definitely in bed) deep in hostile prime time and killed this yesterday.

We just moved recruitment to our forum because it’s what all the cool kids do:

Big changes are afoot, and Total Eclipse. got our first market – already 20b of sell orders listed less than 12 hours later.

Plenty of pew to be had!

Had a fun brawl last night, two faxes prevented us totally annihilating them:

Dunked 25b of Rattlesnakes with our frienemies in Brave/Evictus.

It was a honor to send Lychton Kondur, the former Brave CEO, off with a bang, or 174 bangs to be more accurate. A loss for Brave and a loss for New Eden.

And a more traditional send-off with our frienemies next door.

A lot’s happened over the last week, people. We had a couple of successful CTAs at the weekend, had a nice roam last night and we’re gearing up for more pew pew and more killmails.

Want to come blap a bunch of Tengus? Join Katothen today!

Went on a fun roam today, killed a bunch of stuff.

Couple of big brawls in the last couple of days.

Still recruiting, come sign on!

Went on a ~15-20 man roam yesterday, got some nice kills:

Huge brawl yesterday involving friends on both sides. The TiDi was pretty horrible, but it was a good fight.

Still recruiting, the war is really heating up so if you’re looking for great pew pew, now’s the time.

Sov defense today, was a close fight.

Still recruiting PvPers!