Katothen. - 100% Nomadic Nullsec PvP (and unofficial Pikachu Appreciation Society)

Choose life.
Choose a big null bloc.
Choose AFK ratting under a super umbrella.
Choose being an F1 pusher in the alliance machine.
Choose clicking pap links or meeting kill requirements to placate a CEO you’ve never met.
Choose alarm clocking at three in the ■■■■■■■ morning in order to wand uncontested entosis nodes or bash an undefended keepstar.
Choose making fifty jumps through a sea of blues in order to find anything that looks remotely like a fight, then being blue balled because you pinged more guys than they did.
Choose undocking a Rorqual and contentedly mining towards your alliance’s 500th titan which will never see a B-R or an X47 because the balance of power is so ■■■■■■ that one side would rather give up all their space than fight.
Choose threatening to unsub over a local blackout because you’d rather stay docked than do anything that sounds remotely risky.
Choose life.
But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life; I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got content?


Alright, enough with the dated pop culture references. Katothen is a newly-formed nomadic PvP corporation formed by ex-nullbloc pilots with FC & director level experience looking to shake things up and make some explosions happen!

So, how is it going to work, exactly?

  • When we want to deploy, we pack everything up into our capitals, make a hefty amount of jumps across space, and land in NPC null somewhere else. We set up shop in an NPC station, terrorize the locals for 6-12 weeks, then head back for some R&R;
  • When we’re not deployed, we live in Curse. This gives us easy access to Empire for NPSI/krabbing and lowsec solo/small gang, a popular pipe we can gate camp, and roaming opportunities into nearby sov null blocs when we have people on. It’s also logistically friendly and an easy place for new recruits to get to;
  • We may work with other groups to make content happen, but decisions around standings will be based on how to get better fights, not how to avoid the risk of being shot at;
  • ISK should primarily be made off deployment. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, we’re all adults and we trust people to do what’s most efficient for them and for the corp, but if you’re spending more time krabbing than blowing ■■■■ up, you’re probably in the wrong corp.


Katothen is not an ‘elitist’ group. We don’t expect you to be the PvP Messiah sent by God himself to show us the ways of the paladin. We’d rather have a red killboard than a dead killboard, because we can learn from dying but we can’t learn from being docked.

Everyone is an FC. You don’t need a special badge or title to ping a fleet. If you’re a newer FC, we have cheap doctrines you can welp to your heart’s content as you git gud. If you’re more experienced, we have doctrines that cater to that too (or you can make your own).

This is your main corp. We’re a small group and it’s important that we all put the effort in to make content happen. We’ll never expect you to no-life Eve (though if you want to, that’s cool too), but we do expect you to spend most of the time when you are on Eve with the corp, especially when we’re deployed.


So, what do we look for in new recruits?

  • A good attitude is crucial. If you can’t handle losses under a new FC, or can’t deal with constructive criticism, this isn’t the corp for you;
  • A willingness to learn (and to teach) is critical, both in the sense of training into our doctrines and in the sense of trying new things. Being involved in content creation – whether that’s FCing, scouting for content, theorycrafting ideas, probing wormholes or getting involved in the JF chain – is essential;
  • The ability to fly an Interceptor is critical, and ideally Interdictors and Stealth Bombers as well. We don’t have a hard and fast SP limit, we’d much rather invite a 10m SP player with a good attitude than a 120m SP player with a cactus up their asshole;
  • A working mic & being on services. We ping on Discord, we use Mumble for voice. Being on Discord is essential to know what’s going on and plan new ops;
  • A capital-ready character, or a willingness to train one. Capital suitcases are how we move around, and whilst right now, we have people with spare caps who can move your stuff, this isn’t likely to be an option as we grow.
  • Financial security. You should have some way to make ISK that doesn’t rely on access to ratting and mining space, ideally on an alt. Options include PI, incursions, abyssal sites, production, exploration… we don’t fly super expensive so you won’t need a load of ISK.

Our killboard (which isn’t very active because we literally just started) is here, and our in-game channel is ‘Join Katothen.’ (with the dot). If you’re interested, come talk to us on Discord (feel free to join just for the memes).



I’m not a huge fan of doing this because I haven’t been in all of these corporations, but I get asked how we compare to them a lot so I’ll do my best…

Total Mayhem - Another nomadic PvP corp. I’ll never throw shade at these guys, they’re a great corp and we’re definitely in part inspired by them. Their focus is primarily on getting people into Sniggerdly (PL) whereas ours is on growing and improving our corp. We tend to be less demanding on your time than TM, and we tend to fly cheaper (but if you want to fly your Tengu with HG crystals, you’re quite welcome to). If your goal is to get into Sniggerdly (also a great corp) and fly medium to large gang stuff with PL, then join Total Mayhem. If you want to play small gang long term, join us.

Fweddit - Fweddit seems to be a similar cultural group to us, quite laid back and just looking for content. I think their focus is on blops and hotdropping with a bit of nanogang whereas we’re primarily nanogang with a bit of blops, so a choice between the two is likely to be based on whether you prefer sitting in a Sin (Fweddit) or an Orthrus (us).

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One recruit onboard and a couple in progress. Come join us and help decide where our first deployment will be.

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Come join us and bringing back to glory, small gang pvp & the freedom from Sov!

Rewrote the first post.

Come talk to us, don’t make Pikachu sad.


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Join us in taking back New Eden! Now more than ever is the perfect time for small gangs & Blops to roam Null! Help us cause some chaos in Null!

Pikachu is ready, Are you?!

Still going. 4 fleets are on our itinerary today:

  • Pyke Huren’s Shotgun Party (SpectreFleet) - Nullsec roam hunting big targets, we’re already on a Rorqual kill and multiple recons.
  • Relaxing gate camp (Katothen.) - This will be kitchen sink, we usually end up with a good mix of ships. Blowing ■■■■ up without having to move.
  • Another SpectreFleet roam (SpectreFleet) - Nullsec roam looking for kills out of Berta.
  • Drunken roam in Thrashers (Katothen.) - I expect we’ll be pretty smashed for this one. Explosions will happen, just not sure if they’ll be ours.

You’ve probably noticed that there’s 50% NPSI in the mix. We often time our ops around scheduled NPSI ops to offer maximum content, and with zero permanent blues, you’ll never be the guy who can’t get on the carrier kill in a SpectreFleet or Bomber’s Bar.

Come chat to us on Discord if this sounds like your kind of party.

A couple of nice fights over the last couple of days:

  • We took Harbinger, Algos, Flycatcher, Keres and Wolf against Orthrus, Talos, Svipul, Svipul. Killed the Orthrus and the Talos for the Harbinger, Flycatcher and the Algos (majorly ISK positive).
  • Baited a Jackdaw in a Medium FW site with a 14k EHP Punisher and killed him (Punisher died).
  • We also took bait in Catch and lost a few frigates and a Cyclone to TIKLE.

Good fights all around, and that’s just a day and a half of content. Come join us!


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Last night we were in spoopy wormhole space with our friends over at Dead Terrorists, rolling their static for content. Merphi (Katothen) got hero tackle on a Gila that turned out to be worth over a billion ISK:

Then we nearly got a group of NC Nyx tackled which would have been a fun fight, but they managed to get tethered and we had to make do with a fighter kill:

If you like varied content, from fleet stuff with friends to NPSI to small-gang roams, blops, and gate camps with the Corp… what are you waiting for? Come talk to us on Discord!


Last night, we went on an uneventful roam through Legacy space where everyone seemed to be docked. We decided to stop off in B-R and press F to pay our respects.

After I went to bed, some of the corp decided to go on Mar5hy’s Armada fleet out of Thera (which involved a really tricky-to-scan Thera hole, or so I’m told, I just think they were too cheap to buy a Sister’s probe launcher :smirk:) and got on a Revelation, a Drekavac, and a Rorqual.

How many of these nullbloc corps can shoot TAPI and NC caps any time they want? One of the most underrated parts of being in a small-gang corp is not having to say “oh, I can’t shoot that” when roaming NPSI.

This evening we’ve been roaming the north. There’s a lot of empty space out there, but we managed to probe this Astero down and land point before he could cloak.

In more interesting matters, did an op with some other friends and killed some stuff! Come join us (unless you don’t like PvPing whilst logged in, or like to shoot your mouth off about opsec matters on public forums!)

Went out for a 100-jump roam through most of the north and only found some large anchored bubbles to kill, then joined a fleet with some friends to try to kill some caps, ended up with too many hostiles on the field but managed to haze off some light tackle:

Edit: Thanks to the mod who cleaned the troll out of the topic.

Snip. Removed off topic Remarks that was in response to a deleted post that was also Off topic. 3 Posts have been Deleted. Snip ~Buldath

So, a few days ago a small alliance approached us with an offer to join. We definitely hadn’t been looking to join an alliance, but a promise of keeping our independence to be deployed away as a corp whilst being able to benefit from some larger fleets and potential ISK making opportunities seemed enticing, so we decided to have a short term co-deployment to the north to see whether we were a cultural fit.


Unfortunately, the content in the north left a lot to be desired, and there were some pretty significant stumbling blocks to us joining, but it was a good learning experience and we wish them the best of luck (until they’re on grid with us, anyway). After a couple of days, we decided to head home to Curse as a free independent corp that don’t need no alliance, and brew up a better deployment.

We settled right back in and had a relaxing ‘Welcome Home, Katothen’ gate camp with our local frienemies in Indelicato Crew. Here are some of the highlights:

We’ll be redeploying in a week or so, this time for longer, so come talk to us if you like making explosions happen and fighting against the odds.

I like.

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great group of nerds. Come join us for dank frags :smiley:

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