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Choose life. Choose line membership. Choose the blob. Choose Delve or Cobalt Edge.

Choose endless Havens and Sanctums. Choose pap links and ship reimbursement forms. Choose more bureaucracy than a government regulator. Choose taking twenty-one gates and eight Ansiblexes to get blueballed on a Fortizar grid with 1000 in local.

Choose cap groups which pore over your skills for hours just so you can undock that ■■■■■■■ dread like it’s 2007. Choose sitting in that ■■■■■■■ chair, being a complete unknown in a massive alliance with ■■■■ culture that couldn’t give a damn if you left tomorrow. Choose being a pawn in someone else’s game of Chess, with no input into anything you do.

Choose ten percent TiDi, wasting your Saturday in a ■■■■ show where your inputs don’t even register. Choose shooting undefended structures because your blob is bigger than their blob, shitposting in local like you’re going to get something that even looks like content. Choose having to run Caracals and Cormorants until some bigwig thinks you’ve earned the right to ping for Feroxes.

Choose the blob. Choose life. But why would you want to do a thing like that? You chose not to choose life, you chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got content?


What makes Katothen different?

Katothen was formed for one reason, and one reason only: we were discontented with the blue doughnut and the state of Eve. Chief amongst our complaints were endless travel times through seas of blues to find fights, constant blue balls, and the lack of effort on behalf of the blobs to do anything exciting or innovative.

We still wanted meaning, though. NS statics are fun, and whaling is fun, but they’re not meaningful. We wanted a flag on the map and long-term goals beyond dank frags, but without the downsides of the megablobs and the endless sea of blues. To that end, we left our cushy ratting space in Malpais, Cobalt Edge and C5 space, and started a new PvP corp with a goal of making a place our own and flying our way – PvP heavy, content close to home, and prizing competence & innovation over n+1.

A lot of people associate competence with elitism, but we don’t believe the two go hand in hand. We function a bit like the ‘spec ops’ division of a military, playing the difficult roles and FCing fleets, but without the actual military behind us, we wouldn’t be capable of achieving our goals. We’re also a fun-loving social group who like to chat ■■■■ all day on Discord and idle on comms when we’re not in game.

Providence?! Who starts a PvP corp in Providence?

We didn’t actually start in Providence, we started in the NPC region of Curse, with an aim to put up some structures and take the local POCOs. We came to Providence on what was supposed to be a short-term deployment to take some names and get some bigger fleet fights, but we fell in love with the place.

The content on offer is perfect: reds one jump from PvP staging, regular small-gang skirmishes and border fights, sov warfare and structure fights which actually lead to brawls and not screeching TiDi – even caps and supers being used without massive time dilation.

Naturally, being a member of Provi-bloc means not shooting neutrals in Providence and Domain, but on the flip side, all of our blues are basically in one region – unlike most blocs who have blues across 4-5 major regions of content – and we’re full NBSI in the rest of the galaxy. Solo play, roaming gangs, and NPSI fleets offer an absolute goldmine of targets.

What does the corp offer?

  • Content. There are constant fleets from small gang roams & responses to large-scale brawls with caps & supercaps;
  • Great Culture. Every corp says they have great culture, and we’re no different. Our community is tight-knit, active, and helpful both in Eve and out.
  • Empowerment. You can FC from day one, you can contribute to discussions from day one, your opinion matters from day one;
  • Innovation. We’re the type of people to sit and nerd out over fittings and discuss manual piloting strategies;
  • Strategy. Our alliance, Total Eclipse, has a long term goal to be the #1 PvP alliance in Providence and we have the combat, industrial, and economic strategies to get there.
  • Rewards. As well as all the typical sov null ISK making options – moon/ore/ice mining, PI, anom ratting, escalations, market trading, buyback at 100% of Jita buy, etc. – we have incentives for active PvPers and FCs;
  • Pokemon. It started as a meme but it became reality. We have a Pokemon bot on our Discord, Pokemon emojis, characters and structures with Pokemon names, and an altcorp with the .PIKA ticker.

Who does the corp look for?

We recruit selectively, but it’s more about finding the right cultural fit than a billion SP and a bright green killboard. If you’re active, have at least two Omega accounts, are willing to train into alliance doctrines (including training a FAX on an alt), possess a working mic, and are focused on PvP, come and talk to us. If you’re more casual or more industry focused, join the same Discord and look for a Lunar Legion recruiter.

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zKillboard - https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98605157/
Discord - https://discord.gg/6ryx4tw


Bump! Our dope alliance logo is in game now!

Come build the Provi-bloc super fleet with us!

Keep on joining~

Still recruiting!

And still up!

Still looking for committed PvPers!

Big things happening here in Provi!

Still recruiting!

Bump. Did you know Shintaht is the only named system in Providence? Come help us take it.

Come along, bring your Apostles!

Hope you had a great Christmas! Come and join us!

Still recruiting, we had a nice fight in lowsec today, and killed a dread!


Well, we got a lot of kills today, so I dunno where to start!

1). Woke up, traded a JB for 6 caps and a bunch of Navy Ravens.

2). Headed off to lowsec to settle some scores with Siege Green, who have been involved with RC in trying to take our sov, and Ushra’Khan, the forever enemy of CVA.


3). Hostiles tried to mine in a system we want back, and we didn’t like that idea much (KTHN cyno hunter made this happen).

We did lose a couple of Muninns to HAW dreads though, and reffed a JB. Come be a part of something great!

Today is a good day to be in Total Eclipse. Happy new year, everyone!


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Come join us, get some gudfites in!

This weekend was awesome.

We dunked a Rattlesnake fleet with minimal losses – they had more than 40, they just didn’t get on any kills:

Then we saved a Rorqual and got a Dread kill:

Then a KTHN hunter was a core part of getting a carrier kill:

Sunday was more about ADMs, but we had pew pew fleets rolling around to break up the day.

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Yesterday was a bit quieter, we had some ADM work to get done and some alliance POCOs to configure. Tonight we’re going out for a roam, join now and you might be there!

I’m taking 2 fleets out today, I think there’s been another 2 while I was working. Content is constant and everywhere down here!

Both ops successful, we knocked over some POCOs and got a few kills in the process. Come be a part of something!

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