Looking for a Home

A new player wanting a Home. Don’t want to be a miner want to be a pvp’r and missoning player. I am a pureblood Amarr pilot.

We can provide you with both. And a good back ground to find your feet in eve. Come chat to us send me a mail in game or use the links below in the ad to find out what we are about and help with your time in eve.

Bumpity bump

Depending how dedicated you are to PvP (primarily, are you willing to maintain two Omega accounts?), we’d be interested in recruiting newer players who are willing to learn and play a lot.

i plan on playing a lot but not to have 2 omegas

Check out Lunar Legion or Akkoro. They’re in our alliance and have access to most of the same content that we do (and you can learn from the experienced players in KTHN).

Sadly we’re very capital-focused and you need 2 omegas to field capital ships, but if you decide that’s what you want to do down the line, there’s no reason you couldn’t start a 2nd account and move corps within the alliance.

about joining ICON Libertas, living in Perrigan Falls. We will help you learn PvP, small and large fleets. We provide SRP (ship replacement payments) when you lose ships in a fleet.

We have a good community and friently pilots who will love to help you in null sec.
We will help you become both rich and powerful. Please contact me in game, Arrowspeeed Bounty or join ICON_Public

We are part of Lord of Worlds alliance which is a part of Winter Coalition.

Hope to talk with you soon!


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