Katothen. | Fly Dangerous (US/EU/AU)

And we now have our second system! Come join a corp with ambition,.

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The last three days have been a bit of a blur… let’s see…

Had a really fun little skirmish on a hostile Fortizar grid.

We blopsed some ice miners, tried to blops some moon miners but got foiled by a spy, welcomed Gian Bal back to the coalition, uh… did some ratting and mining… gated a carrier into an active fight… our allies nearly lost a system during a sov transfer but rescued it…

It’s been fun! Come join us!

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I’m terrible at bumping this thing.

Uh, we baited and killed a blops:

And separated a fool from his money:

And formed a full fleet for the first time in years to defend a faction fort! Reds blueballed us though, sadly.

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Will KTHN recruit Total Eclipse’s 101st member?

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We’re slackers and haven’t killed anything for a few days – seems like everyone’s on break at the same time, up for a big weekend of pewpew.

Squishy came to visit.

Come join us!

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Note to self: don’t try to solo a t3c in an Incursus, especially if it has neuts…

We’ve had some unwanted guests camping in our systems the last couple of days and they’ve been difficult to pin down, so when we did, we decided to give them a Katothen welcome.

Another purge cycle has been completed.
All current corp members are active.

Edit: had a brawl.

Updated the ad, it’s back to our style.

This game has awesome scale when you take a moment to look at it.

Bumpity uppity!

Had a nice brawl today, killed 26b lost 12.5b.


Damn, it feels good to undock this again now that the chat issues are finally fixed!

Still recruiting, been working on our software a lot over the weekend.

So what about them ore changes, huh?

Also, had a brawl, got kinda dunked at the end by supercaps but was fun. gf RC.

Success! Pity I missed out because I’m on the continent for the weekend.


Had a fun brawl over a sov timer, 17b killed, 14b lost.

Where else do you get to throw down with faction battleships on the daily?

Had some daytime EU content today, a couple of blops drops and running some guys off an IHub. We’re back on top of the alliance killboard as well, which is nice.

Edit: Got a few more kills, including a fun brawl in H6.

Took a nice fight on a hostile faction fort grid today. 15b killed 1b lost.


Edit: And another Katothen member got in his first super today: