Returning and looking

Hey vole,

I was drawn to your OP because you said you want to “be a member, not a number”. In my corp, one of our core values is not having line members – if we’re doing our job right, you’ll be empowered to push initiatives and make things happen, and given all the tools to do so. Questions, too, are encouraged and desirable, we’re all about constant learning and improvement!

I’m not sure whether Katothen or Lunar Legion would be a better fit for you, but you’d definitely find a good home in Total Eclipse. We do a good amount of subcap PvP in anything from small gang roams to whaling fleets to set-piece battles in our ongoing war against the Rekking Crew. We’re about 65% US so you’d fit in well with our main timezone as well.

As for regulations, we have the standard nullsec stuff (background check) but I’m pretty sure the only document you have to fill in is the application form, and that’s just to help us get to know you (and the replies are to help you get to know us). I, for one, am far more likely to get on your tail if you’re ship spinning than if you’re undocking – we’ll always take a fight if it’s engageable.

You may well die quite a bit learning, but we do a lot of stuff with cheaper ships and we have a bit of reimbursement to help cushion your ship losses (if you want Goon-tier SRP, unfortunately we don’t have that – our space isn’t that safe but it’s a lot more fun).

If you want to chat, hit me up on Discord: Twilight Winter#4922.