Returning PvPer looking for a new home and a new Eve


I am returning to EVE but i fear its not the EVE i knew before, i know the people i knew are no longer here and i fear that the Sub Cap gangs of old have gone.

I will be a complete noob for about a month and have carrier x2 to move my stuff,

I have about 144 mill in pvp skills but alas i prob don’t match it ability at the moment as eve has changed a lot.

my hot potatoes are the following:

  1. Comms comms comms if i ya join corp and there’s 20 in corp and 2 on comms i’m leaving
  2. Small squad is king - my preference is and always will be gangs of 15 or less in sub BS size ships
  3. Must understand i haven’t played in 7-8 years so i am not down with the kids and know all the EVE
    slang any more and i am rusty.
  4. I will ask questions until i am able to go out and feel i understand eve again.
  5. Must have access to 0.0
  6. If someone who runs or is in ‘‘power’’ in the corp expects me to report to him when i am online not on line or in an alliance fleet or not etc then i am not your man…

I may add to this but so far this is my post.

Thank in advance for any help or advise.

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Hey bud,

I think we may be a good fit for you. We are a nullsec ustz pvp corp living in Vale.

We are part of an alliance “Freight Train Diplomacy” . We are not affiliated with any Coalitions and have two blues.

We are a tight knit corp and like the laid back environment. We pvp when we want to and no paps or ctas or any of that crap of fleeting up for some random alliance that the coalition has blued, also everyone knows Vale is content central.

-We got voice comms(very active).
-We also have handout doctrine ships and help subsidize ships if you have to buy them.
-Logistics is setup and super easy to use as well.

Give us at F-OFF a shout.

Justin Starr STARR

Justin Starr STARR#8251 <-- my discord

We are a small gang group (truly) in NPC 0.0. We like our PVP. We have been around for a long time. That said, if any interest lets chat and see if it makes sense. Send a message to Zaand.

Hey Iron,

I would love if you take the time to check out .KNOC

We are a “small” and growing null group that’s looking for more pilots that want to do some crazy stuff with!! (Yes we have more then just 2 on coms during our active TZ)

Check out B0SS!

Iron Maiden - We have a fit for you. Not everyone can offer what you’re looking for as well as alleviate your hot potatoes.

Message me in game: Aurora Charis

Or discord Aurora Charis#0837

Sent you an in-game mail! Look forward to talking!

Join B0SS Today!

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