Returning Vet looking for USTZ PVP corp

Hello New Eden,

I just resubbed after a three-year break. I’m looking for a PVP focused corp that’s very active around 7-11 pm Eastern USTZ as this is the primary time I’ll be able to play. I prefer flying in null sec but would consider null/low sec focused corps also.

My toon has 169 million SP, pretty much all PVP focused. I also have two alt toons I might resub at some point. One is a dread/carrier toon and the other is mainly my covert cyno scout toon.

I prefer small gang roaming and I solo sometimes. I also enjoy Blops ops, especially hunting for targets. Gate camping is fun every once and a while but not all the time. And while I’m willing to do large fleets and sov ops I have no plans on being a timer monkey. Real life comes first.

For all the many years of EVE I’ve played I’ve always been a PVP focused player and still remember some ■■■■ but no doubt I’ve forgotten a lot, so I’ll need some coaching to knock the rust off and to learn current EVE metas, tactics and new game mechanics.

Lastly, I have ZERO interest in joining Goons, their Imperium pets or a wormhole corp.

Thanks for reading,

You Are Welcome With Us My Friend

o7 Hope you are well I think you would fit well with us if you’d like to read my linked post all the information is there or eve mail me ingame that would be awesome, if not best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Check us out. We are one of the most active ustz groups in low-sec. We are the most active gallente miltia corp.

Hey dude I know you didnt mention wormhole space but we do alot of null sec roaming due to our static if your interested give us a shout.

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