Lunar Legion | Wildlings of the Wildlands

Lunar Legion.

Many stories in EVE history are built upon the concept of “The few against the many

The Davids vs the Goliaths

Lunar Legion hopes to carry this concept on. By building up our pilots to be the best they can be. Allowing every pilot from day one in corp to FC and encouraging them to take on crucial roles in fleets.

We guard the hallowed ‘Not Red, Don’t Shoot’ (NRDS) way of life in our home systems. You are considered a friend, unless you attack us.

We’re located in The Great Wildlands, all the fun of Null sec without the hassle and bull ■■■■ of Sov Null.

What we offer:

  • A friendly and welcoming way to play

  • NRDS in The Great Wildlands and Molten Heath. NBSI everywhere else

  • Fun, community and family in a dangerous realm of space pixels

  • Small gang and coalition PVP

  • NPSI friendly

  • 500mil bounty reward for top pilot every month!

What we’re loooking for?-

  • Full ESIs

  • Omega clone

  • 15 kills in the past month

  • 30 kills all time

  • 15 kills per month

  • Have at least 6mil SP

  • Have Ceptors, Caracal and Jackdaw trained

  • Be active/social on Discord & Teamspeak with a working mic

Are you ready to be a Legionnaire?

Come pew pew with us!

All the fun of null! No boring Entosis or ADMs!

Come join the wildlings of the Great Wildlands!

Come hang out where the Wildlings are ^-^

Nano roams, gate camps and yeet fleets oh my!

Come pew pew with us!

Bump bump

Bump de bump

Come hang with the Wildlings

Come be free in the Wildlands, many reds to shoot!

Join us to get dank killmails in small gang!

bump bump

Still looking for pilots!



Fun stuffs ahead for Lunar Legion

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