New guy looking to get in to null now

No that what I’m talking about you really cant tell either way. It just paranoia. You can check me all you want. If you start to grill me that is a major red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: for me.




Good luck OP. I agree. The game should be fun… at least right up until the awox.

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Check out Pandemic Horde. Last I checked, they let pretty much anyone join- often within hours of your request, no API.

Wow didn’t think I would be called a spy for looking for a Corp.

You don’t get called a spy for looking for a corp, you may get called a spy for starting your search with 'no background checks please!’

Just wondering, why do you not want your future corp to check for potential spies?

Hi there m8

As corp we require that you register with our seat but that is pretty much. We won’t waste time investigating you. If we find something we will ask you about it.

Other than that we just tell you about us ans what we do and if you like it you just apply and get sorted.

Still interested please have a look at our rec post below


Greetings mate … we are a relaxed nullsec corp , in think we may fit for you.

Great can you direct me to how to apply. I would love to give you a try. But you need to know I’m looking for a home. I need a place to ratt make isk and slowly learn pvp. not pushed into a group and told to hit f1.

Oh I’m not omega

Pandemic backlisted my last character for mis behaving what ever that is. They are the reason I had to delete my character I had for a year. I thought about just rejoin and they would be even know. But I’m not like that.

I’m not talking about seat or hr I’m talking about what comes after. Why do you want to join do you have any other characters you did put into seat. Stuff like that. And then some want you to pay them.

Im still looking do you take alpha at all.

Indeed mate send me a in game mail or chat at discord


You discord link isn’t working can you give me another one.

Try this one please

Hey Ag’zails,

We would be happy to have you reach out to us here at Brewmaster Armada when you’re available. We can help answer any questions you might have to see if we might be a good fit.

You are right and I was wrong.

So basically, one of the most open corps who signs on everyone without “investigation” kicked you out for “misbehaving”.

I’m sure that isn’t a red flag at all bro. You might not want to mention that right out of the gate next time.

A small list of things your brain will never be able to understand:

  • Data Security
  • Privacy
  • Basic human decency
  • What a spy is and how they operate in Eve (probably the easiest concept you’re struggling with, I could explain it in 2 minutes to my 10 year old cousin who isn’t even playing eve.

If you want another list of things you’ll never understand but children will, feel free to ask.
Where it really get’s interesting is when you ask back for an ESI, no one ever said yes so far. I’ve never been in a corp (obviously an alt) that fullfilled even a quarter of their promises, so question here is who should get checked.

Interesting assumption.

Welcome to the forums by the way!