New Omaga Player looking for Corp


Now to be clear. When I say new I mean very new. This char atleast.

I think stating what i don’t want is better and should help.

  1. No blobs or Mega Corps - I really don’t want to be a number.

I want to Wormhole , PVP and PI and even Mine if the corp needs it.

Also I more than willing to relearn the game under instruction from a vet that cares to spend the time on a long term Corpmate.

Please ask questions or comment if you need more info on me.


Hi there Fae

how many SP do you got, just so i get an idea.?

we dont have an sp limit but obviously the more sp you got the better it will be for you.

And can you consider npc null as a potential home.?

we operate from venal and we focus just in pvp, pve you can do on the side and thats for your to figure out the best way that fits your needs.

if you want to know more about us just check the post below


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Hey there Fae,

To be entirely upfront we are a primarily Null Sec Sov based Corp, however, fleet participation isn’t mandatory so you don’t have to be just another F1 number in a fleet. We try our best to support every activity we can, we run Mining ops, take out Corp fleet roams that are usually around 10 people just for fun and explosions, no strategic objective. We also have a few experienced explorers to help with that branch of PvE, we can provide plenty of ore, ice and moons if mining is something you choose to pursue. Also offer alot of space and support for Null Sec ratting which is very stable isk, our Alliance What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is also a very laid back group and is a great fit with us, every night is good sociable laugh, to us EVE is about the social aspect more than anything.

Our forum ad is below,

Any further questions please do get in touch or feel free to join our Discord on our advert to talk to more of us.

Good luck on your search,



Almost 900k. I did the amari war fighter skill plan and then started PI

What type of PVP ?

Hey if your still looking Social infrastructure would love to have you. We are based out in low sec, but not limited to such. We put on new player train fleets ever week. A great supplier chain your stuff moved, and free pvp and miner frigates to help get you started. There is easy isk to be made in low sec. Our discord link Stay Feral we are a smaller as well

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