Very small corp looking for alliance

We are a very small corp looking to possibly join an alliance. Most of the pilots are newer to the game even though their accounts are old. Currently we are living out of HS but we are kind of outgrowing our possible incomes. Looking to pssibly make a move to nul or wh space possibly. Send mail to me in game with details

Hi there m8

If you can consider an independent pvp alliance operating out of venal where you and your lads can make some nice isk with the right standings and fit. Please read our post below


hello chap - we are a part of Black Rose based in Immensea, good ratting space, lots to explore, lots of fleets going on if you like that, jump on our lobby discord link Primal Urges for a chat about possibilities ? we are EU TZ play around half the day ish… cheers Edrik.

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