Are you fed up with the current EVE and tried nearly everything and lost the fun of this game?


I am looking for a few decent and eve experienced gents/ladies to regain the EVE Online feeling. If you feel the same as below:

  • Sick and tired of same stuff being fed to you.
  • False promises and double faced leadership.
  • Being just a number in the fleets.
  • Grinding ISK and learning doctrines so someone else can build their empire on your hard work.
  • Being constantly misled.
  • Being constantly told what you can do and what you can’t.
  • Paying for the space which is for free as these are just a pixels on the screen.
  • And basically being used by someone and your effort and passion for the game just being stopped on.

Reach out to me in private VIA EVE Online. Idea is just to have a conversation and find the similar minded people/players to build something new. I am a EU Time Zone person. 100+ SP on main and Alt is a CAP pilot. I can live anywhere and self sufficient ISK income. I am a 0 nonsense, honest and straight forward person who like to have a good laugh but respects other person.

Thank you and don’t be shy to reach out and maybe we will create a good group together and will have a fun EVE again.

Thank you.

Hi there m8

Why don’t you check us out. I think you will have a lot in common with us.


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